Tool for defining independent ROIs

Hi, is there a tool in QuNex that allows someone to independently define an ROI without a mask? So either: 1. Picking a coordinate and defining a sphere around that coordinate; or 2. Hand-drawing an ROI based on a structural landmark for each individual. If there is no such tool in QuNex would you be able to provide some suggestions about how one might do this?

thank you

Youngsun, hi!

Currently, there is no functionality in QuNex that would allow one to generate ROI either in volume or on the surface. Regarding option 2, being able to hand-draw an ROI, several third-party tools enable you to do that either on the surface or in volume, and we currently do not have a plan to create our own GUI-based tool for drawing ROI masks. Regarding option 1, creating ROI as spheres in volume or disks on the surface based on coordinates is something that we would add in the future, possibly in early summer.

All the best,