[RESOLVED] ValueError from np.genfromtxt during using eddy_quad.sh

Dear experts,

I am trying to preprocess raw DWI data including <DWI_dir98_AP.nii.gz> and <DWI_dir99_PA.nii.gz>, using the HCP-pipeline v4.2.0.

But I met error after conducting eddy_quad.sh, which showed that the combined bval file had different columns for Pos and Neg images.

I confused about which step caused the above error, and how can we set our pipeline to avoid this situation?


Hi Albert,

Are you running HCP Pipelines through QuNex or are you running the pipelines directly. This is a QuNex forum, if you are using the second option https://groups.google.com/a/humanconnectome.org/g/hcp-users is the correct place to go.

If you are using QuNex, please read QuNex Issue Reporting Guide and provide as much of the requested information in there as possible.


Cheers, Jure