[RESOLVED] Question about QuNex container tool versions


I was wondering where can I get the version of tools (e.g. HCP pipelines) included in the QuNex container?

Thank you!

Zhen-Qi Liu

Hi Zhen-Qi Liu!

Welcome to the QuNex forums. If you use the qunex_container script you can use

qunex_container \
	--env_status \
	--container="<replace with the path to the qunex sif file>"

This will print out version of all tools along with additional information about the system inside the container.

If you do not use qunex_container then you can enter the container manually, source QuNex environment and check the status. Below are commands that do this for Signularity:

# enter the container
singularity shell <replace with the path to the qunex sif file>

# source QuNex environment
source /opt/qunex/env/qunex_environment.sh

# check status

Hope this is what you were looking for.

Awesome, thank you so much!