[RESOLVED] QC: HCP vs. Qunex generated scenes

Hello, I am looking at doing QC for my data processing using Qunex. I am following the instructions found here https://qunex.readthedocs.io/en/latest/wiki/UsageDocs/MultiModalQC.html#running-quality-control-qc-across-modalities.

I noticed that the QC scenes generated by qunex are not the same as the ones from the HCP pipelines. I am wondering if I should focus on one QC scene, e.g., generated by the HCP pipelines, and use the other as a complimentary step as needed. Could you share your thoughts on how to do QC following HCP preprocessing using qunex?

Thank you.


Hi Estephan,
Qunex generates a QC scene for each imaging modality (raw nifti, T1w, T2w, myelin, bold…) on top of the ones generated by the HCP pipelines.
The current process is to use the QC outputs from qunex and review the hcp outputs from complementary information if needed. We usually perform the raw nifti QC before running the HCP preprocessing pipelines. Then perform the structural QC (T1w, T2w and myelin) after the post freesurfer step to ensure good quality of the structural before moving on to the functional preprocessing. The functional QC is performed once all preprocessing steps are done.
Let me know if you have additional questions,

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This is helpful, thank you.