[RESOLVED] Output data elsewhere from input data?

We are running QuNex on AWS. We have the HCP1200 S3 bucket mounted as a filesystem, but obviously we cannot write to it.

QuNex seems to want by default to write its output in the same folder as its input. This would mean having to copy (50+ terabytes of) data to our own bucket, which would be very slow and would cost thousands of dollars a month.

How can we tell QuNex to write somewhere else instead?


A lot of 3rd party commands that are used within QuNex (e.g., HCP Pipelines, FSL) automatically put the outputs into the same folder as they get their inputs. As a result, we cannot control this within QuNex.

One option that could work for you is to create symlinks in Linux (ln -sf). So, instead of copying the data into your folders you would create symlinks to input data, and then output data would get created in the study. This is a trick often used within QuNex to avoid data duplication and bloating up the study unnecesarily. Hope it works for your use case as well.