[RESOLVED] NHP enhanced HCP pipelines


I have been trying QuNex and find it an amazing tool! I’m wondering how to run the NHP HCP pipelines using QuNex. I have thought of running the pipeline scripts under the --script flag to qunex_container, but not sure if this would be the easiest way. Do you have a ready solution for this?


Hi Sara,

Officially released QuNex version supports only a couple NHP commands (mainly related to diffusion). Internally, we used GitHub - Washington-University/NHPPipelines: Enhancements of HCP Pipelines for non-human primates and manually rewired it to QuNex to do some work. The pipelines in the link above are no longer actively developed which is why we officially did not integrate them into QuNex. However, the team behind the HCP NHP Pipelines is actively working towards a unified HCP pipeline for humans and NHP. We plan to integrate that into QuNex as soon as it is available. Unfortunately, I have no deadline regarding this. I will ask around if someone has some information.

Best, Jure