[RESOLVED] Matching BOLD and Field Maps


My data contains both task and rest fMRI, and different field maps for each of them. I’ve been trying to specify in the mapping file which field map is relevant to each protocol, but the latest field map is still assigned in session_hcp.txt file. Both “se” and “fm” key didn’t work. As a result, fMRI_volume and fMRI_surface are successful only for the task but not for the rest images.

I’m converting the data to BIDS before running the container, so the files are not ordered by acquisition time. I’m currently using QuNex container version 0.96.2a, but had the same issues with different versions.

The mapping and session files are attached, let me know if I can provide anything else.
Thank you,

006432_mapping.txt (576 Bytes)
session.txt (719 Bytes)
session_hcp.txt (1.3 KB)

Hi Theo,

We are working on a feature that will honor se/fm attributes defined in the mapping file, which should be available in the next release.


Great, I’ll try it.
Thank you,