[RESOLVED] GPU usage to speed up analysis

Hey there,

I would like to know if there’s a way to use GPU to speed up analysis of MRI scans.
In our lab we use BIDS, HCP, Mrtrix and Axsi protocols.

thank you in advanced

Hi JoeMatt,

Unfortunately most of MRI (pre)processing does not facilitate GPUs. The exception right now is diffusion processing (HCP Diffusion pipeline, bedpostx, probtrackx, microstructure modelling), there GPUs are used extensively and also provide significant speedups. The same holds for QuNex, DWI can be sped up tremendously via GPUs, while other aspects do not use GPUs as tools under the hood do not use such processing.

For DWI processing we never used Mrtrix, we mainly rely on HCP and FSL toolkit, so I cannot say to what degree Mrtrix uses GPUs, if any.

BIDS is just a standardized way of storing MRI data and does not have anything to do with processing per se.

I am not familiar wit Axsi, so cannot say anything meaningful on that matter.

Best, Jure