[RESOLVED] Fail to download latest sif image

Hello, I cannot download the latest singularity .sif image directly from gitlab via browser (
‘An error occurred while loading the file. Please try again.’). Cloning the repo yields empty folder.
Best, Petr

Hi Petr,

thanks for reporting this, I am currently getting the same error. I will investigate and get back to you. As for git clone, you need to install and use git-lfs (Git large file system). The file se 17 GB large and too large for the traditional Git. If you use the traditional one, you get an empty repository.

Kind regards, Jure

There seems to be a recent bug with GitLab that prevents users from downloading large files through browser (see https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab/-/issues/364455). This has to be patched in GitLab and then we can update our server to resolve it on our end as well. Until then, you can get the Singularity image using git lfs clone. You need to install git lfs for this to work.

Hi Jure,
many thanks for your reply. I was successful with git lfs.
Best, Petr

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