[RESOLVED] Error running create_session_info command

I’m trying to get qunex_container (i’ve got v0.97.1) up and running on my institution’s HPC (CentOS 8), and running into an error with create_session_info that i’m not sure how to troubleshoot.

I’ve successfully run create_study and import_bids but when i try to execute this command:

qunex_container create_session_info \
	--container="$containerPath/qunex_suite-0.97.1.sif" \
	--sourcefile=$qunexPath/sessions/$subject/session.txt \
	--targetfile=$qunexPath/sessions/$subject/session_hcp.txt \
	--sessions="$subject" \
    --sessionsfolder=$qunexPath/sessions \

I get this error:
/usr/bin/bash: <qunexPath>/processing/logs/batchlogs/qunex_container_command_2023-06-12_14.15.35.155165.sh: No such file or directory

Oddly, the .sh file is there when i check for it.

Any ideas for how i could solve this would be much appreciated, thanks!


It seems like that the file is not available inside the container. To fix this, you can use the --bind parameter to make a folder available inside the container.



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Thank you! I’m embarrassed that I had left that out of this command and somehow not realized that it was the issue.