[RESOLVED] Difficulties running hcp_temporal_ica


Hello, I keep getting stuck in the middle of hcp_temporal_ica. Is it possible that I misunderstand how to use some parameters? Thank you!


qunex_container  hcp_temporal_ica \
    --sessionsfolder=/gpfs/gibbs/pi/n3/Studies/Pushkarskaya.PVDM/sessions \
    --batchfile=/gpfs/gibbs/pi/n3/Studies/Pushkarskaya.PVDM/processing/batch_hcp_05312024_std1.txt \
    --hcp_tica_bolds="rest:1,6" \
    --hcp_tica_outfmriname="rest" \
    --hcp_tica_mrfix_concat_name="rest" \
    --hcp_tica_surfregname="MSMAll" \
    --hcp_icafix_highpass="0" \
    --hcp_outgroupname="rest" \
    --hcp_tica_timepoints='840' \
    --hcp_tica_num_wishart="6" \
    --hcp_parallel_limit="4" \
    --hcp_matlab_mode="octave" \
    --container="/gpfs/gibbs/pi/n3/software/Singularity/qunex_suite-0.100.0.sif" \
    --logfolder="/gpfs/gibbs/pi/n3/Studies/Pushkarskaya.PVDM/processing/logs/temp_ICA" \


error_hcp_temporal_ica_rest_2024-06-24_22.46.19.816904.log (194.3 KB)

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Could you try using 0.99.2d for this with the default hcp_matlab_mode. I am not sure to what degree HCP folks tested this functionality with octave.

But you might run into the weird system issue that MATLAB does not work on you end again …

Best, Jure

Thank you! Trying now.