QuNex 0.98.2 release


Next version of QuNex is in the final testing phases. If all goes well it will be released over the next couple of days. These are the new things in this version:

  • Updated hcp_asl to the latest version.
  • hcp_diffusion now prints an error if there are no pos/neg pairs insted of crashing.
  • Optimized speed of dwi_parcellate.
  • create_batch now replaces an existing session when using append mode.
  • Fixed an issue where QuNex was using some unavailable Octave functions in analysis commands.
  • omp_threads parameter is now used globally for setting parallelism for wb_command.

The import_bids update (Optimize mapping BIDS fmaps - #3 by demsarjure) will be published in the next version.

If there are any issues, please post them on this forum and we will do our best to resolve them.