QuNex 0.98.0 release


Next version of QuNex is in the final testing phases. If all goes well it will be released by the end of the week. It is one of the biggest patches we have done lately and includes the following:

  • Optimized DWI pipelines, all commands now support newer GPUs and nogpu processing for systems without an NVIDIA graphics card.
  • Added the fucionality to GLM modelling that allows to generate the output image with standard errors of each coefficient along with GLM beta coefficients.
  • Optimized Philips and GE scanner support in hcp_pre_freesurfer.
  • All HCP Pipelines parameters are now accessible to QuNex, added documentation for all of them and made the documentation consistent across commands.
  • fc_preprocess and fc_preprocess_conc can now be executed without regression, only with filtering.
  • Location of HCP Pipelines is now always read from the system HCPPIPEDIR variable.
  • Added the ability to assign manual spin echo and fieldmap numbers to images in mapping files.
  • QuNex will now print a warning if hcp_diffusion echo spacing parameter has a value that is larger or smaller than expected.
  • Fixed a bug where some commands did not work properly if both batchfile and sessions parameters are used.
  • All dwi_dtifit parameters are now properly acknowledged.
  • create_list and create_conc now use the same log folder structure as other commands.
  • Fixed a bug in hcp_reapply_fix where the overwrite parameter was not acknowledged.
  • Improved several command examples in documentation.

If there are any issues, please post them on this forum and we will do our best to resolve them.


0.98.0 is being uploaded to the GitLab repository!

Note that there are still some possible issues with hcp_diffusion when using the latest CUDA versions. To fix those, we need to update the OS System used in the container which is a major task. We plan to do this for the next release (eta July 2023).