QuNex 0.96.2 release

QuNex 0.96.2 will be released later today. Please see release notes below.

  • Added the ability to generate predicted timeseries and residual timeseries for arbitrary set of regressors used in the GLM analyses. E.g., if GLM analysis included the following regressors: baseline, linear trend, block response, block onset response, transient response, the new functionality enables (i) generating a predicted response that includes block and block onset response, (ii) computing residual after removing block onset and transient responses and linear trend.
  • Updated HCP Pipelines to v4.7.0.
  • Fixed a bug where some analysis commands that do not need hcp data would not work if hcp folder is not present.
  • Fixed a bug where _AP/_PA suffixes were not appended correctly when dcmethod was not used.
  • Fixed a bug in hcp_diffusion where the PEdir parameter was not parsed properly.

If you have any issues, let us know!

Today, we have released container version 0.96.2a. It fixes a minor bug with diffusion process that the previous container had.

Kind regards, Jure