QuNex 0.95.2 / 0.95.3 / 0.95.3a Release

We plan to release QuNex 0.95.2 on Friday or early next week. Please see release notes below.

  • Updated HCP Pipelines to the latest version.
  • Fixed a bug with missing _AP/PA tags in setup_hcp when PADirection was specified.
  • Use of pedir parameter is now consistent throughout the suite (previously some commands required you to specify PEdir.
  • Added the --test flag to import_dicom. Using this flag will only print what would be imported without actually executing the import.
  • Added cuda_path parameter to qunex_container for binding external CUDA libraries into the container.
  • Fixed a bug where sorting of images in import_bids was sometimes wrong.
  • Added support for the hcp_msmall_myelin_target parameter.
  • Fixed a bug in BOLD run_qc when using the pconn option for the boldfc parameter.
  • Fixed a bug with parameter parsing in dwi_eddy_qc.

If you have any issues, let us know!

Due to some technical difficulties the release won’t be out this week. Hopefully, we will be able to do it early next week.

Container 0.95.2 is getting uploaded to the GitLab, it should be there in an hour or two. Sorry for the delay.

We just released a new version (0.95.3) that fixed some issues with the hcp_bold_topupconfig parameter and adds support for an additional HCP parameter (hcp_icafix_fallbackthreshold) to hcp_icafix.

QuNex 0.95.3a was just released. The only update from the previous version is a small bugfix in HCP Pipelines (the optional fallthreshold parameter in ica_fix did not work properly).