QuNex 0.100.0 release


Next version of QuNex (0.100.0) is in the process of being released. This is one of the largest patches we prepared so far, so there might be some bugs in there that our tests were not able to catch. Please use this forum to report anything weird so we can fix it. Thanks!

These are the new things in this version:

  • Completely new FC pipeline (fc_compute_roifc, fc_compute_seedmap).
  • Complete container rework with updates to almost all of the tools in it.
  • Better support for GPUs and GPU DWI processing through qunex_container and the --cuda flag.
  • Added the ability to export unprocessed data into BIDS format.
  • Improved import_bids image sorting.
  • Added the ability to manually assign boldrefs to bolds.
  • Added support for new hcp_temporal_ica parameters.
  • Added support to two new hcp_icafix parameters.
  • Fixed the wrong default value for MSMSulc.
  • Fixed a wrong name for the hcp_highresmesh parameter.
  • Fixed a minor bug in regards to help and extensions.
  • Fixed img.TR writing from CIFTI metadata in img_read_nifti.
  • Fixed some typos and minor bugs in documentation.
  • Fixed a bug where run_qc did not work if scenezip was set to no.
  • Several additional bug fixes and improvements that will make QuNex more stable and robust.

If there are any issues, please post them on this forum and we will do our best to resolve them.


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