[RESOLVED] Small correction for 'hcp_task_confound' flag

Hey All,
I found a small correction for line hcp_task_confound flag in process_hcp.py (line 8519, QuNex v93.2). There is an extra equal sign that should be removed, otherwise TaskfMRIAnalysis.sh will throw an error by looking for a file with a prepended ‘=’.

Hi Kevin!

Welcome to QuNex forums. Thank you for reporting this. I already resolved the issue in our develop version. It will be published in the next update. Is this something that you urgently need? If this is the case, I will try to prepare a new release by the end of this week.

Hi Jure, glad to hear the issue is resolved! This is a current blocker for some of our analyses – when do you expect there to be a repo update? Otherwise, we can pull from the development version to implement the fix.


Hi Kevin,

an updated version should be available online today or tomorrow at the latest.