[RESOLVED] runQC on hcp folders with a specific suffix does not take the correct images

When running the runQC command on hcp folders with a specific suffix (specified with the parameter --hcp_suffix), the created images do not match the results opened manually in FreeSurfer. The problem is probably that the command takes images from the hcp folder without any suffix (i.e. as if the --hcp_suffix is not taken into account). Otherwise, the command is run successfully and there is no sign of errors in log files, which makes this error very difficult to catch.

for session in `ls -d $study/subjects/OP*` 
        subject=`basename $session`
        qunex runQC --subjectsfolder=$study/subjects --subjects=$subject --hcp_suffix="_sulc" --modality="T1w" --overwrite="no" --scheduler="SLURM,jobname=QC,time=04:00:00,ntasks=1,cpus-per-task=1,mem-per-cpu=4000,partition=pi_anticevic"
        qunex runQC --subjectsfolder=$study/subjects --subjects=$subject --hcp_suffix="_sulc" --modality="T2w" --overwrite="no" --scheduler="SLURM,jobname=QC,time=04:00:00,ntasks=1,cpus-per-task=1,mem-per-cpu=4000,partition=pi_anticevic"
        qunex runQC --subjectsfolder=$study/subjects --subjects=$subject --hcp_suffix="_sulc" --modality="myelin" --overwrite="no" --scheduler="SLURM,jobname=QC,time=04:00:00,ntasks=1,cpus-per-task=1,mem-per-cpu=4000,partition=pi_anticevic"


This issue has been resolved.