[RESOLVED] Parcellationfile

Hello, after sending the preprocess-bold command I got the following files( allegate) in the functional folder. After that I would like to send the parcellate_bold but I have a doubt about the parcellationfile as the file/bold1_Atlas_MSMAll_hp2000_clean.dtseries.nii that is not present in the functional folder. Is there a command that generates it or is it possible to use aparc.a2009s.32k_fs_LR.dlabel.nii present in the segmentation folder?
thank you!

Hi Giulia,

Did process your data through MSMAll? If not, that’s just an example. In your case, you can set inputfile to, for example, bold1_Atlas_s_hpss_res-mVWMPULSERESP1d_lpss.dtseries.nii.

For parcellationfile, you can set it to the parcellation files shipped with qunex containers. Inside the container the path to the parcellation file looks like this


I’m assuming you were looking at the documentation here Running BOLD functional connectivity analyses — QuNex documentation, which we will fix. Meanwhile, parameters documented here is more accurate
parcellate_bold — QuNex documentation.