[RESOLVED] Naming issues after hcp_mapping conversion


In our design we use 4 identical bold sequences for 4 blocks of the behavioral task. The task blocks are different (gains and losses), and their order is counterbalanced across subjects (GLGL or LGLG). In session_hcp.txt file we want to note what task (gain or loss) was performed during each bold by each subject. However, it appears that the create_session_info step does not allow for each of the identical bold scans to be named differently because mapping.txt file expects to attach new “qunex names” to “MRRC name” not to the scan number. Previously, we were able to use the scan number during renaming: e.g. 151 => bold1:gain1; but now it looks like this option does not work. Based on the hcp_mapping.txt file, the only option that remains is based on the bold sequence: e.g. rfMRI_Task_AP 640 => bold:choice.

Is there a way for me to rename files based on the scan number or some other method so that I can differentiate the files from one another after hcp_mapping conversion?


Ran from:



qunex create_session_info --mapping=./specs/hcp_mapping.txt --sessions="pb3872"


Log file: /gpfs/project/fas/n3/Studies/Pushkarskaya.OCD.MB/Calvin/sessions/pb3872/session_hcp.txt


id: pb3872
subject: pb3872
dicom: /gpfs/project/fas/n3/Studies/Pushkarskaya.OCD.MB/Calvin/sessions/pb3872/dicom
raw_data: /gpfs/project/fas/n3/Studies/Pushkarskaya.OCD.MB/Calvin/sessions/pb3872/nii
data: /gpfs/project/fas/n3/Studies/Pushkarskaya.OCD.MB/Calvin/sessions/pb3872/4dfp
hcp: /gpfs/project/fas/n3/Studies/Pushkarskaya.OCD.MB/Calvin/sessions/pb3872/hcp

hcpready: true
11  :                 :Localizer [1/3] i00001: se(1)
12  :                 :Localizer [2/3] i00002: se(1)
13  :                 :Localizer [3/3] i00003: se(1)
21  :                 :AAHScout: se(1)
31  :                 :AAHScout_MPR_sag [1/4] i00001: se(1)
32  :                 :AAHScout_MPR_sag [2/4] i00002: se(1)
33  :                 :AAHScout_MPR_sag [3/4] i00003: se(1)
34  :                 :AAHScout_MPR_sag [4/4] i00004: se(1)
41  :                 :AAHScout_MPR_cor [1/3] i00001: se(1)
42  :                 :AAHScout_MPR_cor [2/3] i00002: se(1)
43  :                 :AAHScout_MPR_cor [3/3] i00003: se(1)
51  :                 :AAHScout_MPR_tra [1/3] i00001: se(1)
52  :                 :AAHScout_MPR_tra [2/3] i00002: se(1)
53  :                 :AAHScout_MPR_tra [3/3] i00003: se(1)
61  :                 :Localizer_aligned [1/3] i00001: se(1)
62  :                 :Localizer_aligned [2/3] i00008: se(1)
63  :                 :Localizer_aligned [3/3] i00009: se(1)
71  : SE-FM-AP        :SpinEchoFieldMap_AP: se(1)
81  : SE-FM-PA        :SpinEchoFieldMap_PA: se(1)
91  : boldref1:rest   :rfMRI_REST_AP_SBRef: se(1)
101 : bold1:rest      :rfMRI_REST_AP: se(1)
111 : T1w             :T1w_MPR: se(1)
121 : T1w             :T1w_MPR: se(1)
131 : T2w             :T2w_SPC: se(1)
141 : T2w             :T2w_SPC: se(1)
151 : boldref2:view   :rfMRI_Task_AP 750_SBRef: se(1)
161 : bold2:view      :rfMRI_Task_AP 750: se(1)
171 : boldref3:losses1 :rfMRI_Task_AP 640_SBRef: se(1)
181 : bold3:choice    :rfMRI_Task_AP 640: se(1)
191 : boldref4:choice :rfMRI_Task_AP 640_SBRef: se(1)
201 : bold4:choice    :rfMRI_Task_AP 640: se(1)
211 : boldref5:choice :rfMRI_Task_AP 640_SBRef: se(1)
221 : bold5:choice    :rfMRI_Task_AP 640: se(1)
231 : boldref6:choice :rfMRI_Task_AP 640_SBRef: se(1)
241 : bold6:choice    :rfMRI_Task_AP 640: se(1)
251 : boldref7:rest   :rfMRI_REST_AP_SBRef: se(1)
261 : bold7:rest      :rfMRI_REST_AP: se(1)


Could you provide all the exact command call and the mapping file for the run where you tried to define mapping through numbers. This will give us the ability to reproduce your issue, investigate it in detail and hopefully resolve it in a timely manner.



I took another pass at this hcp_mapping document and I ended up fixing the issue. For the sake of having a record of the solution, I will detail how I resolved the issue here.

The hcp_mapping.txt document had first been written with a colon following the scan number. See below:

241: => bold:gains2

When I removed the colon, the naming conversion ran without error. See below:

241 => bold:gains2

Thank you for following up on this issue, but as of now, I believe the problem is resolved.