[RESOLVED] Is multi-run FIX stable?

The HCP 4.3.0 release notes state that multi-run FIX using Octave mode is not currently recommended:

Known Issues:

  • Testing revealed that using Octave mode for multi-run ICA-FIX does not always stably converge. Using Octave mode for multi-run ICA-FIX is not advised at this time.

Does the container use Octave for ICA-FIX? Does the issue described above affect QuNex 0.90.6?

If so, is there a way to work around this within the QuNex suite? I.e. can you bind a local MATLAB installation or run FIX via MCR?

It is true that the container uses Octave for executing a number of MATLAB scripts, however this is not the case with ICA-FIX. The container uses MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR) for everything ICA-FIX related. In fact, HCP team used QuNex for ICA-FIX processing of their data!

Awesome. Thanks for the clarification!