[RESOLVED] Error finding SiemensFieldMap for preFS and fMRIVolume


I’m receiving an error when running either hcp1 or hcp4. I’m using legacystyle preprocessing with Siemens Field Maps:
“ERROR: Could not find Gradient Echo Field Map file for session”

It appears that qunex is searching for FieldMaps in a directory that doesn’t exist:

where the actual FieldMap NIFTIs are output in (after setupHCP):

Renaming the directory from FieldMap1 → FieldMap solves this error.

Seems like this issue is due to a code block at lines 160-181 in gp_hcp.py

I’m using version qunex_suite_0.61.17.sif


Hi Taku, we will assign a developer to this issue and will let you know once it has been resolved.

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Hi Taku,

Sorry for the late reply. Until now we were prioritising blockers for pub release and your issue was not deemed as such. I just started working on this issue and I could not reproduce it. By using the current version (0.90.6) QuNex was able to find FieldMaps both in FieldMap and FieldMap1 folders. Is this still an issue for you? If it is, could you provide the exact call that you used for execution.