[RESOLVED] Dwi_parcellate launch cuda error

With the new Qunex version 0.97.1, the dwi_parcellate function does not launch using the qunex_container.

module load qunex/0.97.1
qunex_container dwi_parcellate

File “/usr/local/qunex/0.97.1/qunex_container”, line 857
dockeropt += f" -v {cuda_path}:/usr/local/cuda/"

This is not an issue with the previous version 0.94.9.

Thank you.


Could you provide the full call that you used? I assume that you are trying to get the help for dwi_parcellate and that is why there are no other parameters with the call. Providing no parameters no longer prints out the help. This operation was problematic because some commands require no parameters. For example, qunex create_study will create the QuNex study in the current directory without any additional parameters. I think it is from 0.96.0 onwards that help can be accessed with the -h or --help` flag. The call below works on my end.

qunex_container dwi_parcellate -h \


Hi there - turns out it was a python issue. It is fixed now. Thank you!