[RESOLVED] Compute_bold_stats not working when bolds=all

Hi, I am trying to run the compute_bold_stats command across different bold types, but the parameter specifying the bold type does not seem to work when set to “all” either on the batch file or the turnkey command. Specifically, the tmp file gets stuck during “computing stats”. The command runs correctly only if I provide the specific name of the bold file. It would very useful for my current project to be able to set the parameter to “all”, any ideas why the command does not run successfully when set to “all”?


Hi Sara,

Could you please attach the qunex command you tried to run and any log files it produced? Here is the issue report template Issue Reporting Template


Hi Sara!

Is there anything new regarding this. We ran some additional tests with bolds=all on our end and the tests finished successfully.

Regards, Jure