QuNex 0.97.0 release

If all goes to plan QuNex 0.97.0 will be released early next week. This release includes the following updates:

  • FSL updated to the latest version (
  • Added the ability to create slice timing files when preparing data for HCP pipelines using the setup_hcp command. If slice timing data is present in the json sidecar files, setup_hcp calls prepare_slice_timing command, which prepares a custom slice timing file that specifies for each slice, for what proportion of TR it has to be moved foward or backward in time, so that all slices are aligned to the middle of the TR. The files are stored in the same location as the bold files and named the same as the bold files with _slicetimer.txt suffix. The files can then be used in the hcp_fmri_volume command by setting the hcp_bold_slicetimingfile parameter to TRUE.
  • import_hcp is now capable of importing DWI images beyond dir98 and dir99.
  • Fixed a bug in run_qc when the batch file was not provided.
  • Fixed sorting of DWI images if some pos/neg pairs had only one component and EMPTY needs to be inserted.
  • Fixed a bug where the provided tr parameter was not correctly used.
  • Fixed the way parameters are parsed for hcp_icafix which should make it more robust.
  • Several improvements in documentation, mainly when it comes to consistent use of example parameters.

If you have any issues, let us know!