Dwi_legacy_gpu command erroring out using QuNex version v0.97.3 with eddy_cuda10.2

Hi QuNex Team,

I am running the dwi_legacy_gpu command using QuNex version v0.97.3. I encountered an error with eddy_cuda10.2, error stack trace is provided below. I am unable to decipher the error log.

/opt/fsl/fsl- --imain=/data/Diffusion/10189_DWI_dir64_PA --mask=/data/Diffusion/rawdata/10189_DWI_dir64_PA_nodif_brain_mask --acqp=/data/Diffusion/acqparams/10189_DWI_dir64_PA/acqparams.txt --index=/data/Diffusion/acqparams/10189_DWI_dir64_PA/index.txt --bvecs=/data/Diffusion/10189_DWI_dir64_PA.bvec --bvals=/data/Diffusion/10189_DWI_dir64_PA.bval --fwhm=10,0,0,0,0 --ff=10 --nvoxhp=2000 --flm=quadratic --out=/data/Diffusion/eddy/10189_DWI_dir64_PA_eddy_corrected --data_is_shelled --repol -v

Reading images
Performing volume-to-volume registration
Running Register
EDDY::: Eddy failed with message q���U

QuNex command:

qunex dwi_legacy_gpu \
 --sessionsfolder='/dataset1/sessions' \
 --sessions='10189' \
 --diffdatasuffix='DWI_dir64_PA' \
 --usefieldmap='no' \
 --pedir=2 \
 --echospacing='0.69' \
 --unwarpdir='-y' \

nvidia-smi output on the gpu instance

I have updated the default CUDA version to 10.2 as I have encountered an issue with 10.1 /opt/qunex/bash/qx_utilities/dwi_legacy_gpu.sh: line 565: /opt/fsl/fsl/bin/eddy_cuda10.1: No such file or directory

Could you please assist me in resolving this issue? I have attached the complete log output of the dwi_legacy_gpu command below. Let me know if you need any more information. Thanks in advance.

Suhas Reddy

qunex dwi_legacy_gpu_error.log (4.3 KB)

Hi there,

CUDA 10.2 and above support is currently functional only for the hcp_diffusion command. Next version (to be released in a week or so) will add this support to the whole DWI pipelines. The testing of the next release is in its final phase, so things are looking good for a release by the end of May.


Hi Jure,

Thank you for the update. I am looking forward to the release.